Making food look great

Why Cossiga

WE ARE MAKING FOOd look great, anytime, anywhere.


We are experts in food cabinets that make food look great and our experienced team can offer valuable insights into the business of displaying and selling food across a range of environments.

We offer unmatchable 360° service, from product selection right through to after-sales support and servicing, ensuring an easy and stress-free experience.


Our approach is glocal, combining the benefits of an efficient global operation with the expertise of trusted local support teams that have an in-depth understanding of their market. 

Our headquarters Auckland (New Zealand), Melbourne (Australia) and Liverpool (UK) feature convenient customer-centred showrooms that have been designed specifically for you to visualise layouts, discuss concepts and inspiring ideas and test working food displays. Drop in and ask our friendly  team for some expert advice!


All Cossiga products are designed in-house and made in our own smart manufacturing plant in Foshan, China, where quality control is paramount. We use the 5S lean manufacturing approach to minimise waste and optimise productivity. This gives us full control of our value chain and enables us to offer rock-solid distribution and technical product support. 


We manufacture in batches and dispatch to our local warehouses around the world to ensure a constant and timely supply for our customers. We can also work with you on project-specific runs that are customised to suit your needs. 


As we continue our sustainability journey we are more committed than ever to reducing our environmental impact. We are working with external advisors to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy that is measurable and results-driven. We already have positive initiatives underway.

R290 GAS

All of our refrigerated products use R290 non-toxic propane gas - a naturally occurring organic compound of hydrogen and carbon, with minimal impact on the environment

Due to its thermodynamic properties and low condensing temperature, R290 can deliver up to 50% in energy savings when combined with other energy saving factors like ENERGY STAR® certification.

All greenhouse gases have a Global Warming Potential (GWP), which refers to the total contribution to global warming from the emission of one unit of gas. Compared to R134a or R513A which are currently used as standard refrigerants, R290 has an incredibly low GWP of only 3! 


New Zealand

Mike Brougham, Managing Director

Mike Brougham

Managing Director
Phone: +64 21 666 794

Tim Rillstone, Commercial Director

Tim Rillstone

Commercial Director
Phone: +64 21 952 426

Ian Lochhead, CFO

Ian Lochhead

Phone: +64 958 08471

Grant Horne, Corporate Sales Manager

Grant Horne

Corporate Sales Manager
Phone: +64 021 803 146

Kerry Schollum, Global Operations Manager

Kerry Schollum

Global Operations Manager
Phone: +64 021 739 594

Michelle Nicholas, Accounts

Michelle Nicholas

Phone: +64 9 580 8471

Steven Bonkavich, Spare Parts / Warehouse

Steven Bonkavich

Spare Parts / Warehouse
Phone: +64 9 580 8471

Paula Fisher, NZ Ops & Service Coordinator

Paula Fisher

NZ Ops & Service Coordinator
Phone: +64 21 720 758

Liam Gough, Marketing Coordinator

Liam Gough

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: +64 021 378 514

Tomas Senior, Product Development Coordinator

Tomas Senior

Product Development Coordinator
Phone: +64 027 351 8326


Jay Dwyer, National Manager (Australia)

Jay Dwyer

National Manager (Australia)
Phone: +61 499 501 150

Doug Kenyon, Sales Manager QLD, NSW, NT & WA

Doug Kenyon

Sales Manager QLD, NSW, NT & WA
Phone: +61 428 678 887

Andrew Sinclair, Sales Manager VIC, SA & TAS

Andrew Sinclair

Sales Manager VIC, SA & TAS
Phone: +61 448 687 123

Ben Burns, Corporate Account Manager

Ben Burns

Corporate Account Manager
Phone: +61 487 127 601

Cynthia Sciberras, Service Coordinator

Cynthia Sciberras

Service Coordinator
Phone: 1300 099 215

Rod Aguilera, Warehouse

Rod Aguilera

Phone: 1300 099 215


Jack Rice, Director / Sales Manager UK & Ireland

Jack Rice

Director / Sales Manager UK & Ireland
Phone: +44 7711 939 799

Monica Sharma, Head of Sales Support UK & Ireland

Monica Sharma

Head of Sales Support UK & Ireland
Phone: +44 7815 594 545

Jamie Horton, Operations Manager UK & Ireland

Jamie Horton

Operations Manager UK & Ireland
Phone: +44 7597 673 654

Helen Kinsella, Account Manager UK & Ireland

Helen Kinsella

Account Manager UK & Ireland
Phone: +44 7597 673 573

Jamie Berry, Spare Parts / Warehouse

Jamie Berry

Spare Parts / Warehouse
Phone: +44 1514 949 303

Andrew Hibbert, Technical and Operations Manager

Andrew Hibbert

Technical and Operations Manager
Phone: +44 7795 820 510