Making food look great

How we work

Cossiga is about making food look great.

We design, manufacture and distribute globally, high-end, stylish, hassle-free food presentation equipment.

Because we are passionate about designing food display and engaging food environments we continuously innovate and improve our design edge, technology and systems to offer an unmatchable 360º package.

We achieve this by having our own manufacturing facility in China and a rock-solid distribution, logistics and after-sales support provided by our trusted global network. Inspired by our New Zealand ethos, we operate with full transparency and with an open, fresh can-do attitude.

We look forward to working with you to make food look great together. Get in touch!

Our cabinets

Stylish, robust and hard-working our cabinets are designed to make food look great!

Manufactured from stainless steel, Cossiga's innovative food display cabinets reflect the very latest in modular design and performance technology. You will find our heated, refrigerated and ambient food display cabinets in the best espresso bars, high street cafés, coffee shops, bakeries, industrial cafeterias, convenience stores or wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount. It's not surprising to hear our cabinets are considered 'the best value cabinets when taking into consideration the style / functionality / reliability / price / service ratio'.

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Our plant

Being fully in control of our value chain allowed us to secure our path to global growth. Cossiga’s smart facility in China is a serious little plant where big things happen.

Located in Foshan Guangdong (China) our plant is managed by our hand-picked team of local experts, all with a strong background and specialised knowledge in the food equipment manufacturing sector. Cossiga’s plant has been designed to allow for maximum production line flexibility. This enables the operations team to easily switch between any requirements optimising manufacturing lead times and allows for accommodating large or small runs and scaling up on demand. Thanks to this we can cater the world with what we are well-renowned for: stylish, hard-working and great-value food display cabinets that make food look great.

Our services

Beyond offering great products, distribution and after sales support, we work with our global partners to offer a complete vertically-integrated solution for your food environment needs!

You name it, from a customised product design to suit your specific needs to shopfitting, refrigeration or specific food-to-go equipment, at Cossiga we have you covered. We have proven working experience with our trusted global partners whom are specialist suppliers in each one of these areas.

We partner with them and go ‘beyond’ a traditional food presentation equipment manufacturer and distributor model to offer you a fully integrated solution.

Our people

A passionate team with one goal: to make food look great and have satisfied customers worldwide.

Our team is made by people who deeply understand (and love!) the food and hospitality industries. With deep experience in the art of making food look great, Cossiga's personnel experience ranges from former chefs to sales & marketing specialists. The goal is simple and the mission is one: to supply great products. hassle-free food display products together with an effective distribution and support network internationally.


Mike Brougham

Managing Director

Phone: +64 21 666 794

Tim Rillstone

Commercial Director

Phone: +64 21 952 426

Grant Horne

New Zealand/Australia Sales Manager | Director

Phone: +64 21 803 146

Kerry Schollum

Stock Services/Logistics Manager

Phone: +64 958 08476

Ian Lochhead

Financial Controller

Phone: +64 958 08471

Michelle Nicholas


Phone: +64 958 08471

Steven Bonkavich

Spare Parts / Warehouse

Phone: +64 958 08471

Nivi Dhiman

Systems and Service Coordinator

Phone: +64 958 08471


Eric Ko

China General Manager

Ken Zhuo

China Operations Manager

Star Wang

China Engineering Manager

Raymond Luo

China Finance Manager

Ron Zhu

China Service Engineer


Doug Kenyon

QLD, NSW, WA & NT Australia Sales Manager

Jay Dwyer

VIC, SA & TAS Australia Sales Manager


Jack Rice

UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Becky Johnston

UK & Ireland Operations Manager

Andrew Hibbert

UK & Ireland Technical Support Manager

Casey Johnston

UK Sales Support

Steven Harris

UK Sales Manager