Making food look great

​We are making food look great at the amazing Lovey Patisserie Cafe in Melbourne!

Friday November 25th 2022

Lovey is the innovative creation of Karsin and Julie, who passionately share their love for Asian-French lightly-sweet pastries in an inspiring cafe environment. Julie –a pastry chef accredited by Le Cordon Blue, Melbourne– and her team masterfully prepare every delicious pastry on site. Our LP Plus range has the job of making this eye-catching food offering shine with beautifully-designed, stylish low-profile cabinets that are powered by sustainable energy. To frame this unique food-art space cleverly designed and fitted by ACES, Jack and Tina from X-Playground display their range of funky collectable Bear Bricks art toys. Well done, team, looking great! What else can you ask for an inspiring food experience?