Making food look great

CabChat February 2020

Tuesday February 18th 2020

We are making food look great here - BP Keilor Park, Victoria, Australia.

Featuring a self-service BTG lineup combo of heated, ambient and refrigerated units. Making it easy for you to grab and go! 

CabChat January 2020

Monday January 13th 2020

We are making food look great here - Urban Soul Cafe, Auckland, New Zealand.

Featuring a beautiful white Vinyl BTGRF12 that suits the cafe's white countertop! 

CabChat October 2019

Wednesday October 23rd 2019

We are making food look great here - Coles Tooronga, Melbourne, Australia.

Featuring our classic x6 BTG Towers Open Front Refrigerated filled with celebration cakes! Yum. 

CabChat September 2019

Monday September 23rd 2019

We are making food look great here - Tourtiere, Harbourside Sydney, Australia.

Featuring our classic BTG Towers looking pretty in pink! with pink vinyl decals to match the shop's interior.


Wednesday September 4th 2019

We know health and safety -our boxes are not only designed to keep your cabinet safe during transit but to make it easier for you to unpack and roll without the struggle.

We're always thinking "Outside the Box" on how we can make our offering to you, just the little bit better.

Now that's clever!

CabChat August 2019

Monday August 26th 2019

We are making food look great here - Stephens Bakery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

Featuring a mix and match lineup with our classic BTG range with black vinyl wrap and our Linear refrigerated well.


Tuesday August 20th 2019

Cossiga is delighted to introduce our new Green Book!

Along with our current V7 fold out product brochure and extensive website, the Green Book makes specification of the Cossiga Range hassle free.

The Green Book has our range covered, you will even find a few “new” additions.

  • Compact Chilled Counter Top
  • Single Ceramic
  • Frost Top
  • Heated and Chilled Deli Drop In
  • Drop In Grab and Go Multi-Tier
  • Freestanding Gantry

Contact us to request your copy!

CabChat July 2019

Tuesday July 23rd 2019

We are making food look great here - Katsubi, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Featuring our Linear Range Refrigerated, Heated & Ceramic Hotplate - Create your own lineup!

Single Ceramic Hotplate

Wednesday July 3rd 2019

Have the freedom with our new Single Ceramic! (LSSC1)  a new model in our linear range. You have the option of either making it a flush mount or bench top to suit your needs & for your safety there is heat indicating LED lights on the panel.

Add this model to your line up today! 

CabChat June 2019

Friday June 28th 2019

We are making food look great here - The Pie Commission, Mississauga, Canada.

Featuring our classic BTG range with black Vinyl Wrap installation in Canada - Make your food look great with our sleek food display cabinets.