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We share the passion that bakers put into their food. Freshness is key and so is that ‘just out of the oven’ look. Our tropicalised cabinets, and particularly our bakery-specific solutions, work a treat anytime, anywhere!

Scully's Place

Scully’s Place is located in the trendy East Brisbane area and is conceived to be the latest gourmet produce market. Owner Liz Scully, passionate about food and flavours, worked closely with the designers One Alliance Project Consulting. Together they chose to use our BTG Towers throughout to merchandise everything from the charcuterie to the bakery. The novelty in this installation is that our cabinets are being used both inside and in the outside courtyard. Despite this challenge the Cossiga new BTG Towers are performing fantastically well thanks to the heated glass (that means food looking great, inside, outside, and all year round!). Scully's place is a ‘must go’ for food lovers and a unique urban food experience.

Waihi Bakery

LOCATION: Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

YEAR: 2013

PROJECT: For a countertop bakery option you can’t go past our Counter Series. Wahi Bakery have dropped our square cabinets into their own designed counter.

Onehunga Bakery

LOCATION: Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

YEAR: 20012

PROJECT: This High Street bakery chose the Dimension Bakery System for maximum impact and ease of installation. The cabinet fitout was completed within an hour. Simply roll in, plug in and away you go.


LOCATION: Victoria Park Market, Auckland, New Zealand

YEAR: 2013

PROJECT: Paneton is an iconic Auckland Bakery. The challenge was to define the right food displays for their retail outlet in front of their wholesale bakery. They needed to be stylish yet robust, efficient and practical for a self-serve situation. The decision became easier when they discovered the newly released Cossiga's Dimension Bakery System. The large-volume cabinets, now with a square profile, offer a classic yet modern look that matched their environment design style and proposition.The final result is a contemporary and efficient self service lineup serving the many regular customers for the take away coffee and pastries or a quick bite with a peaceful views of the park.

Queens Bakery and Cafe

LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand.

YEAR: 2013